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Welcome to the fascinating world of the Gemstones Fashion jewelry!

is a new breed of KATAHATI development
the name KATAHATI is a well known
and familiar Indonesian words of wisdom
which means ” WHAT THE HEART SAYS..”
Fineline by Katahati Collections
is a genuine, delicates and original designs.
Our products is all about passion,
high skilled workmanship.
Gorgeous colors of precious gemstones
is the new materials to fulfill this unique
selections color of nature as we always believe
nature plays a very profound role in our fashions color palette.
We created fashionable impressions through the radiating tones of berry pink,
mystic violet, ocean green, strawberry red and earthen and wooded shades.
Precious gemstones  are come in all sizes, shapes and colors.
Shapes of gemstones may range from tiny detail, rounds, squares, triangles
to large chunky, flat or unique.
Endless colors can be found in semiprecious gemstones.
We combine also with an ancient technique of Macrame works
Macrame jewelry technique is the ancient art form of knotting
We experimenting in different way of finding many different patterns together
Hand hammered Silver and Gold
and high quality of Gold plated also give an extra value for our exceptional handmade jewelry
and All made by hands with Love.
Inspired by the theme: “MINIMALIST MEET BOHEMIAN “

KATAHATI EXOTIC JEWEL WEAR was Extremely successful 
To the World of Fashion Jewelry in European market.
After more than a decade of experience of fashion jewelry making
with handmade out of recycle materials and natural elements
such as Mother of pearl, Corral, natural stones, recycle wood, Buffallo horn,
cotton and silk ,and recycle glassbeads jewelry see it at ( )

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